5 Effective Strains for Joint Pain in Santa Barbara

Strains for Joint Pain

Joint pain can be debilitating. Regardless of its cause, mobility issues can greatly influence the quality of life. From injury to arthritis and other inflammatory medical conditions, there are tens of thousands of sufferers in Santa Barbara alone. In severe cases, patients lose the flexibility of movement, and because of compensating for pain, new issues arise, such as muscle spasms and spinal curvature.

Most joint problems are inflammation-related, including degenerative conditions, such as arthritis. When using marijuana as a treatment, you want the right strains for joint pain. No strain is the same, and they all have differing effects and medical properties. When looking for weed in Santa Barbara, it is wise to find strains that act as both powerful painkillers and effective anti-inflammatories.

Cannabis Strains for Joint Pain

Every strain has its own unique effects, which is why medical marijuana comes in the packaging that it does. Every product should have a label providing crucial information about the strain, such as THC level, cannabinoid content, terpene profile, and genetics. Each dispensary should have budtenders to advise you, and every online store has experts available to guide you.

When you need strains for joint pain specifically, it is important to distinguish between Sativa and Indica. Sativas are uplifting and energizing, perfect for daytime use. Indicas, on the other hand, are more sedating and sleepy, making them better for bedtime use. Because of the physically heavy, tranquilizing effects of Indicas, most patients consider them best for treating joint pain, but many Sativas kill pain too.

To help you get started finding the right strain for you, here are five common strains for joint pain:

1. Yoda OG Kush

Yoda OG Kush has iconic ancestry. Around the world, people use it to manage their pain effectively. As one of the most potent Indicas in existence today, this strain is a powerful sedative and anti-inflammatory. THC levels often measure as high as 28 percent, which guarantees the ultimate physical relaxation. In fact, this strain is more than likely to glue you to your couch for several hours.

Patients use Yoda OG Kush to treat an array of illnesses and symptoms. You can use it during the day if you do not have any commitments to meet and have plans to lay about home. We do not recommend using it at work or operating any machinery after consuming it. Yoda OG Kush is more suitable for late afternoon, evening use. As a treatment for insomnia, it guarantees uninterrupted sleep.

2. White Haze

White Haze is undeniably a best seller in California, and almost certainly everywhere else too. Back in 2002, it won “Best Sativa” at the High Times Cannabis Cup. As far as strains go, this one is iconic, and much of its popularity is due to its powerful painkilling properties. THC content measures around 19 percent, making it potent, but not overwhelmingly so.

As a Sativa-dominant hybrid with famous genetics, White Haze is famous as a daytime strain. In fact, it is ill advised to use this before bed, as it will keep you wide-awake and likely giggling about it. This highly social strain will energize and motivate you to accomplish the goals you may have been neglecting, and it will certainly making getting through the day easier and pain-free.

3. Abra Cadabra

This is another Sativa-dominant hybrid. Abra Cadabra is famous for its ability to reduce joint pain and treat inflammation at its source. It is a beloved strain among those with arthritis, osteoarthritis and other painfully debilitating joint issues. With THC levels frequently measuring around 18 percent, patients get a potent high without the intensity of stronger strains.

As a medical strain, few are more effective than Abra Cadabra is. This plant measures particularly high in cannabinoids, as well, which is why it has such medicine value. As a predominantly Sativa hybrid, the effects of Abra Cadabra are ideal for use during the day. An active, energizing strain that provides general and targeted pain relief.

4. White Russian

White Russian is another particularly potent strain. With THC content frequently measuring 25 percent and slightly more, anyone using it can expect to get extremely stoned. Another iconic strain, White Russian won “Best Overall” at the High Times Cannabis Cup of 1996. It is a well-balanced hybrid offering powerful effects from both its Indica and Sativa genes.

Because of its potency, it is advisable to use White Russian cautiously. Overconsumption can put you to sleep quickly, or at the very least, cause extreme couchlock. This highly effective inflammation-busting, pain-destroying strain begins with the cerebral high so common of Sativas. It will give you energy and creativity before its Indica effects kick in to relax your body and mind into gentle sleep.

5. White Skunk

White Skunk is a gently relaxing strain perfect for treating joint pain during the day. It will make you very stoned; however, as THC levels often reach 22 percent. This powerful anti-inflammatory effectively manages pain, and because it is an Indica-dominant hybrid, it can have sedating effects in large doses. If you use it during the day, go easy on consumption. Increase your dosage for nighttime use.

As with other Skunk varieties famous around the world, White Skunk is particularly fast acting. Patients feel its effects almost immediately and reverse its ability to provide instant pain relief. This is one of the fastest selling strains of all time because of its potency, suitability for daytime use, and obvious and notable pain-relieving benefits for victims of severe joint pain.

Buy Weed Online in Santa Barbara

You can find all of the above mentioned strains for joint pain online, as well as many, many others. Most patients buy weed online these days, as it offers a safe, convenient, affordable, discreet, and legal alternative to navigating the dangerous locales of most dispensaries in the city. Marijuana delivery is available to legitimate medical patients and arrives within 45 minutes of ordering.

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