Who is allowed to use Marijuana in California?

The question about marijuana use has troubled the federal government for many years but continued reforms have seen states make decisions to legalize marijuana for various uses independent of the federal government. With the provisions to do so given by the same national government, various states around America have successfully passed marijuana laws that govern the cultivation, the manufacturing, the distribution and sale of marijuana products. California is one of the states that have seen the growth of a very promising marijuana industry over the years. In about 20 years ago, the state of California legalized the use of medical marijuana through the passing of Proposition 215. In this Proposition, the use of medical marijuana was now permitted but guided by certain laws and regulations. The passing of the laws was not final and further amendments were made in succeeding years to get rid of any confusion that would have made the process of acquiring marijuana medication for patients difficult.

So, who could take medical marijuana after the passing of proposition 215? For the longest time, marijuana had been classified as an illegal substance by the federal government. The national government of the United States through relevant authorities classified marijuana as a schedule 1 drug and therefore limited research on the substance that many people claimed to have used for treatment. Ideally, marijuana was found by independent researchers and users to be a great relief for chronic pain among other health complications. In this regard, the push through marijuana advocates at the state level saw the first marijuana laws get established in California in 1996. This gave anyone in possession of a medical marijuana card, duly registered and legitimately acquired, to use medical cannabis for treatment. This even included epileptic children.

For anyone to use medical marijuana, he or she must become a medical marijuana patient. It is usually a process of establishing the need for cannabis in addressing a certain health condition. Therefore, any individual who wants to use medical marijuana has to consult with a licensed physician within the state and share useful information that will facilitate the recommendation for such medicine. Medical marijuana recommendation is required before any patient can be allowed to use medical marijuana products. If you are looking for medical cannabis in Santa Barbara, California ensure that you get recommendation from a licensed doctor. It is not a complicated process. You only need to show proof of residence in California and provide any information concerning your health that your doctor will use to make recommendations for medical marijuana.

In recent times, California passed Proposition 64 that permitted adults the age of 21 years and above to use marijuana for recreational purposes. If you are an adult defined by this age and a resident of California, you will now be able to buy weed and use it without a doctor’s recommendation. However, it may be important to get the advice of marijuana experts before consuming any cannabis. While many dispensaries in Santa Barbara will be willing to let you buy cannabis online, it is good to establish what works for you. The provisions of Prop 64 are very clear and therefore, adults are required to familiarize themselves with them lest they be found in possession of more than an ounce of marijuana at one given moment. Although Proposition 64 focused on recreational marijuana, it also touched on matters to do with medical marijuana. In that case, anyone with a medical marijuana card in California even if he or she is a child can get access to medical cannabis. On the other hand, marijuana for recreational use is accessible to any person of aged 21 years and beyond.

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