Marijuana Tax Could Change Banking Services in Santa Barbara

Because the federal government refuses to legalize marijuana and change regulations currently prohibiting banks from accepting cannabis proceeds, most pot businesses do not even have bank accounts. Union Bank, in fact, closed several of its […]

Five Ways to Avoid a Marijuana-Related Trip to the Emergency Room

First and foremost, marijuana is not something that is typically associated with the emergency room when taken on its own. A worst-case scenario of marijuana usually involves drifting peacefully off to sleep or possibly pulling […]

North Dakota Should Pass ‘Melissa’s Law’ To Allow Reciprocity of Medical Pot

An embarrassing situation has developed in relation to marijuana immigrants from Canada to the USA. As it stands, Canadians who wish to enter the USA can be deported and put on a black list if […]

Legal Pot Sales in Nevada Projected to Raise $120 Million In Tax Revenue

Nevada is one of a mere 8 states where recreational marijuana is legal, the other 7 being Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Massachusetts, Maine, Alaska and California. The marijuana industry is estimated to be worth $50 billion […]