Canada Safety Council Speak Out About Marijuana and Driving

There is no doubt that being high and driving is dangerous. The Canada Safety Council and Public Safety Canadahave taken the steps to ensure that people do not do so. The council has put out […]

Marijuana Tax Could Change Banking Services in Santa Barbara

Because the federal government refuses to legalize marijuana and change regulations currently prohibiting banks from accepting cannabis proceeds, most pot businesses do not even have bank accounts. Union Bank, in fact, closed several of its […]

Five Ways to Avoid a Marijuana-Related Trip to the Emergency Room

First and foremost, marijuana is not something that is typically associated with the emergency room when taken on its own. A worst-case scenario of marijuana usually involves drifting peacefully off to sleep or possibly pulling […]

Marijuana Edibles in The Shape of Animals, Fruit to be Banned Across Colorado Starting Monday

Adults (those over 21) in Colorado can legally possess an ounce of marijuana on their person with the passing of Amendment 64 in 2012. Good news for all cannabis lovers is that the amendment actually […]