Choose Ton of Marijuana Products Online

You will definitely be spoilt for choice when buying marijuana from an online store.

Not only will your order be handled with discretion but you will also be assured of receiving top-quality fresh products that are safe to consume because they are all laboratory-tested.

California has undoubtedly set the standard when it comes to marijuana online shopping with fast and efficient daily or overnight delivery services. There are a number of marijuana online stores servicing the State but when it comes to pure, organic and 100 percent-safe sativa and indica products, few can match the standards set by Kool MJ. Its range of products is enormous and its price-tags can suit most pockets. They offer a 12-hour daily delivery service from 10 am to 10 pm or an overnight option that will have your order on your doorstep within 24 to 48 hours.

You can choose a ton of products when buying marijuana online with items ranging from topical creams, marijuana strains, concentrates and infused edibles.

Take a peek at the range

Flowers like Sour OG, Organic Blueberry and Gorilla Glue are available at $150 an ounce you will pay $160 an ounce forSnowLand and Cherry OG, while the all-time favoritePlatinum Girl Scout Cookies and Bubba Kush sell for $250. These are just a few of the strains in stock but you can view the entire range on company websites.

Then there are pre-rolled joints at $25 for three in a pack and edibles like Gummies for $20 for 250mg, THC chocolate drinks for $30 for 180mg, health trail mixes and granola for $30 for 250mg.

Concentrates sell for between $30 to $60 and vape cartridges will set you back $30 to $60.

CBD infused tinctures, cartridges, drops, gummies, chocolate bars, capsules and topical creams and pain relief patches available from $20 to $90, with topical sprays and vaginal oils at $50 and %45 respectively.

Shatter and waxes are available at $45 per gram and dabs at $50 a gram.

The benefits of online stores

There are many advantages to buying your pot supplies from an online store.

  1. You can relax and take your time while browsing product and price ranges.
  2. You are guaranteed that your product will be 100% safe to ingest because it has been laboratory-tested.
  3. You can ask a friendly assistant for professional advice with any of your queries.
  4. You can avoid the hassle and expense of traveling to a dispensary.
  5. You are assured of a huge range of fresh products that haven’t been sitting on a shelf beyond their expiry date.
  6. Your order will be handled discreetly because your personal information will never be disclosed to a Third Party.
  7. Your delivery will be made promptly and the discreet packaging will keep the contents of your parcel safe from prying eyes.
  8. Once you have selected the online store of your choice simply fill in the requested information and your transaction will be efficiently completed.


Online marijuana stores are becoming increasingly popular. Not only is your privacy safeguarded but you are also guaranteed a wide range of top-quality product that hasn’t outlived its sell-by date. Safe consumption, efficient delivery service and a ton of products from which to choose make this one-stop shopping option a flawless experience.

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