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Prices of Marijuana in Santa Barbara

Most medical patients have little money to spare. They are usually paying exorbitant hospital costs, doctor’s bills, rehabilitation expenses, and so much more. However, it is cheaper to pay a little more for high-quality marijuana, as it contains the properties so crucial for medical use and it goes further. When using a licensed, reputable cannabis dispensary in Santa Barbara, expect to pay these types of prices:

A Gram

A gram is the smallest amount of marijuana that you can buy. Buying in single grams will quickly become very expensive unless you only use it only occasionally. It will cost about $15 for a gram of weed, perhaps $20 at most, if you purchase from a dispensary. You will probably pay roughly the same if you get it on the street, but the quality will likely be very low-grade.

An Eighth

An eighth of medical-grade pot will range anywhere from $35 to $60. Prices will vary depending on the strain, how much demand there is for it, the amount in stock, and other factors. In pot-speak, an eighth of weed equals 3.5 grams and refers to one-eighth of an ounce, which is just the right size for patients using it infrequently, such as once or twice a week.

A Quarter

There are seven grams in a quarter of weed, and you will pay anything from $70 to $110 for it. On average, prices for a quarter hover around $90 at a dispensary, but once again, this will depend on the strain, available stock, time of year, and other conditions. It typically costs more for a quarter on the street, and you can easily pay $120 for the same, albeit of lower quality.

A Half-Ounce

When you start buying in half-ounces, you can expect access to bigger discounts and more opportunities to save money. Most dispensaries have offers, specials, and other deals available for those buying in “bulk.” A half-ounce equals 14 grams, and it can cost anywhere between $120 and $150. It is more expensive on the street, as it is seldom cheaper than $140 and sometimes as high as $180.

An Ounce

An ounce is the biggest weed measurement available in dispensaries, and it is, without doubt, the cheapest way to buy. You can find deals offering an ounce at just $99 at most dispensaries, but the quality is not always the best. It will cost you around $200 or $300 for a good ounce if you buy it legally. On the street, it sells for approximately $350.

Other Cannabis Products

Marijuana comes in many different forms. Most patients buy the flowers, but there are also oils, edibles, tinctures, infusions, and other marijuana concentrates. Dispensaries are now stocking dog treats, feminine hygiene products, lubricants, vapes, and so much more. These all have different prices, which typically depend on potency, as well as CBD, terpene, and THC profiles.

Low- vs. High-Quality Marijuana in Santa Barbara

You can get weed anywhere in Santa Barbara. Just stop someone and ask. You will soon know exactly where to go. Everyone sells something or knows someone who does, but you cannot always be sure of what you will get. Buying from an illegal dealer, a friend’s friend, or someone you just met will likely get you a seedy, browner than green, dirt-smelling bag of low-grade weed.

For the same price, probably slightly less, you can get the highest quality medical-grade marijuana from a licensed, legal dispensary. It will be seedless, fresh, green with colorful hues, and have a room-pervading smell of quality top shelf. Additionally, quality is more potent, which means you will need less of it to enjoy its medicinal benefits and feel its effects. Therefore, it will last much longer.

Santa Barbara Marijuana Delivery

All marijuana delivery to Santa Barbara is free for medical patients. It will not cost you a single dollar, so you save extra on fuel costs and time. If you order cannabis online, you can also find a variety discounts and promotions to help you save even more money, and there are some websites offering weed coupons for several legitimate online dispensaries and their patients.