Different Methods for Smoking Pot Occasionally in Santa Barbara

Smoking Pot Occasionally

There are many different ways to smoke pot. Smoking is not the healthiest way to use marijuana, but it is a highly effect manner of consumption. According to science, smoking pot occasionally is actually good for you, such as once a week or less. The danger is in smoking frequently. Those requiring cannabis daily should rather consider other methods of consumption such as edibles, oils, or other ways of administering their medicine.

If you enjoy smoking pot occasionally, then here are a few different methods for you to try:


Rolling joints is an old weed smoker’s ritual. It requires skill from much practice, but once achieved, it is quick and easy. People enjoy joints because they can smoke them leisurely and savor the flavor, smell, and effect. Regular use may harm your health, but for smoking pot occasionally, joints may be a good choice. As a method of weed inhalation, joints are smooth and do not require large, lung-hurting puffs.

It is easier to control the amount of smoke you inhale from a joint than it is from a bong or pipe. There is no need to fill the capacity of your lungs until they burst painfully with smoke. You can puff gently, as desired. Those unable to roll joints can purchase accessories that will do it for you. Rolling machines are available for marijuana delivery in Santa Barbara.


Vaping is growing in popularity. Because burning weed causes smoke, you are inhaling toxins when making joints, using pipes, or loading bongs. Vaporizers cause no ignition. Vaping involves heating cannabis oil just enough to release its compounds without burning it. For this reason, vaping is the healthiest method of smoking cannabis, and it is very, very potent.

Just one puff on a vaporizer is sufficient to feel the effects powerfully and immediately. Unfortunately, vaping is not always a reliable method. You have to charge your vaporizer for it to work at its maximum efficiency. As it weakens between charges, it gradually becomes less effective until it stops working altogether. If you are smoking pot occasionally, then this is unlikely to be a problem for you.


Dabbing is not really for beginners. This method is more complicated than most and involves setting up a dab rig and getting your hands on a blowtorch. Although this is not particularly difficult, the technique itself does not leave a good impression on those seeing it for the first time. Dubbed the “crack of weed,” marijuana dabs are highly effective, extremely potent, and worthy of trying with a few friends, at least.

Patients find dabbing to provide the heaviest dose of THC and CBDs in the smallest package. Effects are immediate, and THC content can be as high as 90 percent. Dabs are a concentrated form of cannabis extract, commonly wax, shatter, and butane hash oil. Dab rigs resemble bongs in some ways. However, you first heat it until it is red hot, and then you dab some concentrate onto it and inhale the fumes.


Pipes are the oldest method of cannabis consumption used by humankind. They come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Make you own with stuff around the house, but always avoid plastics. All you need is a bowl and well-connected hollow pipe. You load your pre-cleaned weed into the bowl, light it, and inhale through the pipe. Although safe for occasional pot use, pipes can be extremely harsh on the lungs.

Those unused to pipes may have coughing fits. Despite this drawback, pipes work exceptionally well. They are also highly social, as friends can pass them around. Pipes are famous for making you very stoned, so do not go overboard. You only need a single-hit pipe for medicinal purposes. A small, one-puff pipe will not hurt your chest too much. It is the larger varieties that cause coughing spells.


Bongs are extremely popular and are among the best-selling marijuana accessories. They hold water, and like pipes, you load the bowl with cannabis, light it, and inhale. The difference between bongs and pipes, besides their obvious shapes, is that bongs filter the smoke through water. This cleans some of the toxins from the smoke, which makes it healthier for you. However, bongs are not always easy to smoke.

As with pipes, bongs can be hard on the chest. Coughing is common. Despite this, they are super effective and beloved by many worldwide. They also come in different shapes and sizes. Bigger bongs are for friends to share. For personal, medical use, look for a small bong with a one-hit-sized bowl. The only real con of bongs is the need to clean them regularly. They can get obvious and smelly quickly.

Medical Marijuana Delivery in Santa Barbara

If you live in Santa Barbara, you can order marijuana delivery in Santa Barbara the finest medical-grade cannabis online and receive it on your doorstep within 45 minutes. With the largest selection of marijuana products available to you, there are pipes, bongs, vaporizers, rolling papers, grinders, dabs, and more for those who prefer smoking pot occasionally. It is wise to have one of each, as you can experiment with their various effects.

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