Dos and Don’ts of Vaping Marijuana in Santa Barbara

vaping marijuana

Everyone knows celebrities do it, but these days, like smoking marijuana, vaping marijuana does not have the best reputation. Not only can it make you look foolish if you do not know what you are doing, but also, people have been abusing the privilege of smoking in public places and general society does not like it. If you follow the dos and don’ts of vaping weed, you can avoid any embarrassing mishaps and look gorgeous doing it.

The Dummy’s Guide to Vaping

If you do not know what vaping is, or if you are completely new to trying it, then there are some rules to follow. Vaporizers allow you to inhale all the essential cannabinoids of marijuana and get all the health benefits it offers, but because you do not actually burn the weed, the smoke is much purer and healthier for your lungs. Vaping is the best way to inhale cannabis without any toxic smoke.

The Dos of Vaping

The only vaping ‘do’ you must do is some research. There are many different types of vaporizers on the market these days and it is important to know the difference between them. E-pen vaporizers are a popular choice, particularly among beginners, but there are also desktop vaporizers and even portable ones. You have more options than just e-cigarettes with strange and tropical flavors.

It is always a good idea to try them all before deciding which vaporizer is best for you. There may be some you do not enjoy, but that does not mean you will hate them all. Many consider vaping a huge part of marijuana’s future, so now is the time to decide which works for you:

  • E-Pen Vaporizers

E pen vaporizers are suitable for use with oils, herbs, or concentrates. If your blend is dry and mediocre, know that you can always use it with other, more potent forms of cannabis. E-pen cartridges are widely available in different forms, flavors, and strains and vape pens are highly convenient. They are durable, compact, portable, and about the size of your average pen.

  • Desktop Vaporizers

Because desktop vapes produce vapor of a higher quality than e-pens and portable vapes, many consider them the healthiest option of them all. They are too big to carry around with you, but they are the most reliable at creating the ideal temperature for the vapor you inhale. Hits are also fan-assisted, which means a smoother pull. Desktop vapes offer the best hits, and you will get very stoned indeed.

  • Portable Vaporizers

Portable vapes are extremely popular because they carry the name of their best feature. They are easy to cart around wherever you go and they run on batteries, so you can leave your charger at home. Cordless vapes are the best option for busy folks trying to survive a fast-paced lifestyle, and they are very discreet for those who prefer to vape on the sly.

The Don’ts of Vaping

Because vaporizers require charging, they can go ‘flat’ at the most inconvenient times. A ‘flat’ vape does not pull well, and hits become less and less potent. Do not forget to charge up before leaving the house, or carry your charger in your car, bag or pocket. Vaping etiquette is also extremely important. Be mindful of others and always behave considerately.

  • Do Not Vape in Public Spaces

You may think you look cool puffing on your vaporizer, but the vast majority of people disagree. In fact, most think it looks a bit sleazy and a way of overriding the non-smoking laws in public places. If looking like an idiot does not bother you, consider the fact that people do not want your smoky breath in their faces. If you must vape in public, be discreet about it. Go to the restroom or around the corner.

  • Do Not Blow Yourself Up

Vaporizers can and sometimes do explode in people’s faces. Fortunately, this is extremely rare, but you should always remember this fact when buying a new one. Horror stories include low-quality lithium batteries exploding when exposed to high heat. Others simply malfunction. Rather spend a bit more on a quality vaporizer, as the extra cost is, without doubt, worth not burning your face.

  • Do Not Post Pics All Over Social Media

Selfies may be the latest online trend, with no sign of slowing down any time soon, but it really does not look good sucking on a vaporizer. Furthermore, prospective employers are scrutinizing the social media accounts of potential employees. If your future boss sees pictures of you vaping, he or she may very well hire somebody else instead.

Buy Online Weed in Santa Barbara

You can get everything that you will need to enjoy the potency and health benefits of vaping at marijuana shop online. From oil cartridges to flowers and other vape-compatible concentrate, e-pens, portable, and desktop vapes are all available at your local cannabis dispensary in Santa Barbara. If you order your vaporizer online, then it will arrive on your doorstep within 45 minutes.

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