Five Ways to Avoid a Marijuana-Related Trip to the Emergency Room

First and foremost, marijuana is not something that is typically associated with the emergency room when taken on its own. A worst-case scenario of marijuana usually involves drifting peacefully off to sleep or possibly pulling a “whitey”, which is so named because the skin turns pale and the user can get sick. But these are rare and usually happen to first timers or those who are thin with very low blood pressure. The following are 5 ways to avoid a trip to the emergency room, rare though they might be. Getting sent to the emergency room purely because you consumed too much marijuana is very rare and usually down to a preexisting condition or a form of synthetic marijuana.

  1. Avoid Marijuana Edibles – Marijuana edibles are more dangerous than smoking cannabis for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that edibles take longer to kick in. What this inevitably means is that people think the edibles are weak or ineffective, and they consume more and more. And then all the THC hits them at once, three or four times more than they should really have taken. The THC in edibles is also metabolized differently than in the inhaled smoke of marijuana. Edibles are also more dangerous as kids can eat them thinking they are food, and this is a serious concern. Whatever about adults, cannabis edibles can easily send kids to the emergency room so they are not to be left lying around. It is for this reason that Colorado recently banned edibles in the shape of gummy bears and other sweets. It was too appealing to children.


  1. Buy the Best – It is no secret that there is a plethora of cheap, low quality, toxin laden, synthetic marijuana on the market right now. Black market operators know that the end is nigh and need to get rid of their products quickly. This is one of the quickest ways to end up in the emergency room in terms of marijuana consumption. Some strains of marijuana have huge amounts of certain toxins in them which are not good for your system. If you ingest too much of these toxins then you can easily end up in an emergency room. THC is amazing but it does not have the power to remove deadly toxins in the body. It’s not what it does. Toxins are a deadly threat and once in the body they tend to stay, with certain ones being very difficult to remove. Buy only the best quality marijuana that has been certified. K2 is a synthetic variant of marijuana that has claimed many lives and ensured many visits to the ER room across the USA. Why people continue to use dangerous K2 when real, organic marijuana is available is a mystery.


  1. Common Sense – Believe it or not, one of the most common causes of marijuana related emergency room visits are caused by what can only be called idiocy. Many consumers keep using marijuana after they have been puking and pulling a whitey. Societal factors are most definitely at play here, as smokers do not want to seem “weak” in front of their peers. But continuing to smoke after marijuana has caused you to smoke is, quite frankly, idiotic. There is no real way to legislate for this, people will simply have to learn.


  1. Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome — uncontrollable vomiting and epigastric pain — was the third most frequent cause of pot-related ER visits. CHS reportedly afflicts chronic, heavy marijuana users. This was first reported in the scientific literature over 12 years ago. The condition is considered rare, but it is showing up more frequently. The nature of the relationship between marijuana and CHS remainsa mystery, and the only known treatment is to stop using marijuana, which long term users will be very reluctant to do.


  1. Cannabis Oils – A surprising number of individuals have visited the ER after attempting to extract THC from cannabis. People trying to extract cannabis oils using inflammable solvents such as butane were the fifth most common pot-related reason for heading for the ER. If you are insisting on doing this take the utmost care and make sure you known what you are doing. It is usually down to carelessness that this happens.

Marijuana is Completely Benign

Marijuana is completely benign to the human body. It mimics an endocannabinoid naturally found in the human body which is called anandamide. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for pain, pleasure, hunger, sleep, mood, temperature, emotional processing and cognitive functioning. THC, the endocannabinoid, slots into receptors in the brain which stimulate these process, which is why it affects sleep, appetite, pleasure etc. There is a theory of disease known as Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CED). The theory is that all disease stems from deficiencies of the endocannabinoid system. This is the main reason why scientists believe that marijuana is so effective in the treatment in nearly every known condition. When there is a deficiency of an endocannabinoid, marijuana will provide it. And the endocannabinoid (THC, CBD and some others) will slot into the appropriate receptors as the body knows best.

For this reason, people do not really end up in the ER due to the consumption of too much cannabis. It is more often a dangerous synthetic kind of marijuana which contains a toxin that sends people to the ER. Marijuana is something more likely to keep you away from the ER as opposed to sending you there, THC being a beneficial natural compound with a huge number of benefits to the human organism.

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