Popular Ways to Smoke Weed

With the rise in the interest of marijuana in Santa Barbara, there are now more ways to smoke weed than ever before. But different ways of smoking weeds will have different affects on different people. The way that weed is smoked will have an effect on the high as well as the release of the medicinal substances from the plant substance itself. Marijuana is now available at multiple outlets and its acceptance is more widespread than ever before.

Method One – Classical

The most popular way to smoke weed is by rolling a joint. The weed is ground up and combined with a certain amount of tobacco. The tobacco and weed are rolled together into a joint and a paper roach is inserted into the bottom to act as a filter. There are actually quite a lot of different ways to make a joint, as this is a skill that millions have been doing for many years. But the process is essentially the same, with the weed being combusted into a smoke and allowing for inhaling through a filter of some kind.

With a joint, you get the benefits of making it yourself, with the real taste of the tobacco and the weed. This is also the downside, as it takes time and skill to roll well and it can be inconvenient. Badly constructed joints can result in a bad experience, especially if more smoke is inhaled from a wide filter. Joints can also be rolled as blunts, meaning that no tobacco is included in the joint. However, the high is far stronger and this method is only for those who are regular smokers and familiar with marijuana.

Method Two – The Bong

Like the classical method of simply rolling a joint, the bong has been around for a long time. While it is impossible to pinpoint an exact date, bongs were in use in China as early as the 16th Century. The bong was only available in metal or else bamboo.

A bong is basically a water based creation that involves air, water, and cannabis. The bong allows the smoke to travel through the water and then be inhaled via a mouthpiece at the top. The marijuana is set alight at the bottom through an opening and the user inhales through the mouthpiece. The result is that the smoke is much smoother, unlike the harsh smoke associated with joints. It also lets the user inhale more smoke at once, which can be a good or bad thing depending on personal preference. There are many variants and subcategories to the bong which vary in their effect and quality.

Method Three – The Pipe

A pipe is a much easier and more refined way to smoke than either the bong or the joint. Pipes have the advantage of being quick, easy and convenient. There are also some incredibly nice-looking pipes available on the market. Pipe prices, materials, and quality vary wildly. Some cannabis users swear by pipes and refuse to use any other method to get high.

Method Four- The Hookah

The hookah is not as versatile as either the pipe or the joint. The hookah is a more extravagant device with ties to ancient India and Persia. The appealing part of the hookah is that it enables friends to get high at the same time from the same device. However, it is more of a party piece than a personal smoking device. There are many areas in the USA with hookah spots and as weed becomes legalized and commonplace then more are to be expected. The hookah is a popular method of inhaling a type of flavored tobacco.

Other Methods

There are a number of less popular and more exotic ways of smoking marijuana. One such method is known as hot knives. This involves two heated knives and a plastic bottle that is cut open at the bottom. As the marijuana is squished together with the red-hot knives, the smoke is inhaled thorough top of the plastic bottle.
There are also a variety of different types of bongs such as the vacuum bong and the gravity bong. Like the hot knives technique these do work but take some time to get used to. They are also quite unconventional, in particular the vacuum bong. Another extravagant way to smoke marijuana is through a gas mask, which might scare your friends or family if they are not familiar with its modern day appliances.

All the Ways to Smoke Weed

There are many ways to smoke weed. In fact, it can be said that there is an infinite amount of ways to smoke marijuana, as it relies on human creativity. Anything that turns the weed to a smoke and allows for inhalation is a way to smoke weed. Smoking weed is a pastime for many that are now gaining widespread acceptance. And with this acceptance comes a greater exploration of ways to smoke weed, as well as awareness of all the health benefits.

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