U.S. And Mexico Plan To Stop the Flow of Illegal Drugs

illegal drugs

For many years, federal leaders have been fighting transnational criminal organization (TCO), but their efforts haven’t yet borne fruits. The US and Mexican authorities have partnered to completely solve the illegal drugs problem. We have briefly outlined the Mexico and US plan to stop transportation of illegal drugs across the porous border.

Some analysts have dismissed the agreement signed between Mexico and US to improve communication between the two countries as a publicity stunt pulled by Trump.

The administration says that there is need to contain the illegal drugs epidemic because it has so many negative impacts on society including wrecking people’s lives and breaking families.

Recently, President Trump formed a commission to find solutions for the opioid problem. The commission recommended that it be made easier for addicts to enroll in rehabilitation programs.

But there is a problem with this proposition as the success rate of rehab programs is only 30 percent. The 70 percent remaining goes to denouncing the drugs or failing to find them in the market.

The main target for this plan is fentanyl, a super strong opioid that’s a complementary product for cocaine, heroin, and other illegal drugs.

In November, Trump accused the Chinese for contributing positively to fentanyl production. But a few weeks later, the Department of Justice said the opioid also comes in from Mexico.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently said that fentanyl is native to China, and the main mode of distribution is direct mail. The product first gets shipped into Mexico, and the Mexican drug lords transport it into the US.

Sessions also said that some Mexicans have started mastering the art of manufacturing fentanyl, and facilities are being set up and raw materials imported to facilitate this. He added that by focusing on the industry while in its early stages of development, the authorities will ensure the problem does not grow bigger, becoming hard to tackle.

While he has so much information about the industry, Sessions does not know how his department will accomplish this mission.

On the other side of the border, Mexican authorities are yet to know how their latest agreement with US will work to save the lives of drug users and addicts from illegal drugs.

Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said that there are thousands of Mexican drug overdose and drug trafficking violence casualties. He added that a solution can only be found by working jointly with the US.

The UN human rights chief confirmed that the two nations had sent a letter confirming they have reached upon an agreement to stop drug flow.

Many critics say that Trump’s wall won’t solve the illegal drugs flow problem, and there is a high likelihood it will ever be built.

Mexican officials say that Trump’s retrogressive agenda won’t deter them from working with the US to free illegal drug victims from their bondagebecause boosting securitybenefits to both nations.

Solving the illegal drugs problem also means more business for cannabis delivery Santa Barbara companies. The war on opioids can also be won if medical marijuana Online in California and other marijuana businesses are allowed to operate efficiently to supply more weed so more people can turn to weed to get high.

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